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Affordable Housing and Sustainable Development

The Parish Council and the Community have been working together since 2001 to provide affordable housing and sustainable development in the parish. In 2013 the Parish Council set up a sub-committee to discuss development in the Parish with the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) and local land owners.

In April 2018 Cala Homes made an application to the SDNPA for 30 dwellings (12 affordable or 40% of total) and a village hall, in Ramsdean Road, Stroud. The Parish Council supported this application which was heard and passed by SDNPA in August 2018.

The Parish Council is working with East Hampshire District Council (EHDC) Housing Officers to ensure local people are aware of the application criteria and how to apply for affordable housing which will be part of the Ramsdean Road development. For further information regarding applying for affordable housing please see the Hampshire Home Choice website.

Monthly updates from CALA Homes


  • The first 4 plots are now ready for internal drainage and beams
  • 50% of the site roads are now tarmacked , which should help greatly in keeping the main highways clean
  • Pile mats are now complete ready for the piling rig to come in on the W/c 07/01/19, to take around 2 weeks
  • Stable is now demolished
  • The rest of the internal roads to start W/c 07/01/19 to be completed by the end of January
  • Surface water storage crates system to be installed around 10/01/19
  • Water mains to be installed W/c 21/01/19
  • Gas mains to be installed W/c 28/01/19
  • Work on the site office and compound to start the end of January


  • All perimeter and tree Protection fencing in place
  • Topsoil stripped and stored next to compound area
  • First 3 foundations dug and poured
  • Surface site water Protection bund in place to stop any contamination to water course, and monitored hourly during heavy rain and twice daily other times
  • Ongoing daily roadsweeps to keep roads clean, as at the moment the site is extremely wet and muddy
  • First 2 plots of foundation substructure blockwork in progress but the bricklaying is being held up due to heavy rain conditions
  • We have now moved the salt bin away from the stream wall to prevent children climbing on it and falling into the stream

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