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Affordable Housing and Sustainable Development

The Parish Council have set up a sub-committee to discuss affordable housing and sustainable development in the parish.

The latest news is that since the previous update, the landowner has written to the Parish Council and has regretably withdrawn their offer of land for development in Ramsdean Road. Their reason for taking this decision is that the SDNPA policy of insisting upon a 70/30 split in favour of affordable housing for Rural Exception sites does not make any development financially viable.

In fairness, the landowner has emphasised that the offer of land has not been permanently withdrawn and should there be any change in the SDNPA policy, the landowner is fully prepared to revisit plans to develop the site.

The Parish Council remains committed to providing the eight units of affordable housing which were identified as a community need. To this end, the Parish Council will continue to maintain a dialogue with both the landowner and SDNPA as well as reviewing all other options for the provision of affordable housing in our village.

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